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Tasker Landscaping is proud to have won numerous awards and publications for our work. We are honored to be recognized for the quality and scope of work we complete and feel that these are a demonstration of the difference between our company and others. 

2006 Cornerstone Awards (Gold): Landscaping Construction - Hopkinton, NH​

2006 Cornerstone Awards (Gold): Landscaping Construction - Alton, NH

2005 Cornerstone Awards (Gold): Landscaping Construction - 

2002 SAM Awards (Gold): Landscaping Construction - Manchester, NH

1999 SAM Awards (Gold): Landscaping Construction - Gilford, NH 

Tasker Landscaping, LLC was established in 1978 by Gary Tasker upon his return home after four years of active duty with the US Air Force. The company began as a small one-man operation that provided grounds maintenance for private homes and a select few small businesses. In the early 1980's the business continued to grow and Gary's interests diversified to include landscape construction, excavation, home building, home renovation and real estate development. During this period of diversification, Gary also received an Associate's Degree in General Science with a Business Major from the NHTI in Concord. ​


As with all companies, a landscape company is only as good as its workforce. Tasker Landscaping has been fortunate in retaining many of its trained, professional personnel over its 37 years in business. They are to be commended for their dedication to the betterment of the NH landscape industry. ​We also have many "up and coming" young men who round out our workforce. We are all here to serve you and make your landscaping ideas and needs a reality. 


In the late 1980's, as the economy changed, Gary decided to concentrate his efforts on commercial landscape maintenance and commercial and residential landscape construction, designing landscapes and working with natural stone and granite, shrubs, trees, perennials, and shoreline restoration. Gary's landscape knowledge has been self-taught and enriched through working with landscape architects such as George Matarazzo and SGH Design Group. He has worked closely with many architects, engineers and building contractors, offering his clients, and theirs, a complete service. The focus of this collaboration is proper communication and ultimately quality results. To this day, Tasker Landscaping continues to grow and has received numerous awards for excellence for projects completed throughout the state. The most recent example of this was a Cornerstone Award from the NH Home builders Association and for work at a 16 acre family estate in Alton, NH. 

Gary resides in Northwood, NH with his wife, Roxanne, who is also his partner and Office Manager.

Their daughter, Jennifer, also works for the company as the Assistant Office Manager. The Tasker Landscaping office is located on Chichester Road in Loudon, NH. 

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