At the heart of any beautiful and healthy landscape is a good landscape maintenance program.

Tasker Landscaping offers complete, professional landscape maintenance programs to commercial properties as well as selected residential homes. 

Our maintenance programs include property consultations, weekly inspections and the following services: 

  • Spring clean-ups: Include raking, debris removal, inspections for any winter damage to lawns and shrubs, and selected pruning of damage to shrubs and trees.​

  • Edging: Plant beds are edged in the spring during mulching operations to obtain a clean, neat and defined bed edge. 

  • Mulching: We mulch to a minimum depth, using the latest bark mulch blowing technology. This allows a smooth and consistent application. Several types of mulch are available depending on your specific requirements.

  • Mulch removal: Excessive mulch can be detrimental to plants and trees. Mulch applied too high around the base of trees causes root girdling, disease and death.

  • Mowing: We use the latest zero-turn mowers to keep lawn areas beautifully groomed. Proper mowing height and blade sharpness are checked daily. Bagging and line tracing are also available.

  • Grass trimming: All Tasker maintenance technicians are trained in the proper use of commercial trimmers. Lawn edges are manicured to provide a smooth transition to beds and hardscapes.

  • Parking lot sweeping: Spring sweeping removes sand and debris left over after a long winter. 

  • Trimming and pruning: We are skilled at hand and machine pruning. Plants are trimmed or pruned for growth, appearance, bud and bloom, as well as fruit.

  • ​Lawn applications: A licensed professional applies all needed materials that help protect your lawn from crabgrass, weeds, insects and grubs. Proper fertilization keeps your lawn healthy and green. 

  • Liming: Lime is used to raise the PH in the soil so your grass is able to take in the proper nutrients.

  • Irrigation: We provide spring and fall maintenance of your irrigation system, and monitor your lawn for proper water control throughout the season.

  • Core aerating: This removes soil plugs and loosens compacted soil, allowing essential nutrients to be absorbed by your lawn's roots.

  • Tree and shrub fertilizing: Deep root or surface fertilization is available.

  • Weeding and litter pick up: We groom your property every time we visit. 

  • Annual flowers: Planting and maintaining seasonal flowers add those spots of beauty and color to your property.

  • Fall clean-up: Raking and disposal of leaves using high powered blowers and a truck mounted vacuumed system provides clean, fast service.

  • Winter snow removal: We keep your driveway or parking lot free of snow, ice and debris, no matter how severe the weather.

  • And more: We also offer any additional maintenance services you may require.

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Maintenance Programs

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